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The Canadian Red Cross Swim Program emphasizes being water safe, being water active and having fun.Each person will be introduced to the developing swimmer and then proceed to distinctive strokes and water skills.
Private and semi-private swim lessons are available upon request. Private instruction is ideal for those who are having difficulty with a particular stroke technique or to accommodate hectic schedules.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties can be held during the week and on the weekends, pool parties are 55 minutes. in the water and the use of the party room is 45 minutes. in the party room. Call to schedule a time and date.

Leadership Courses

The Regional Aquatic Centre offers Life Saving Programs and Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Courses.  

Each award is designed to build upon the other. Candidates will develop:

  • good understanding of life saving principles including water rescues
  • Self discipline and time management
  • Teamwork skills and personal responsibility

General and Lap Swims

The Regional Aquatic Centre offers a variety of lap and general swims year round.For a complete pool schedule call 643-6688.

Competitive Swim Clubs

The Regional Aquatic Centre hosts the Aqua Aces Swim Club. For more information on contacting coaching staff or for practice schedules please contact the pool at 643-6689

Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered in half hour increments. The private lessons are offered in block form. If you need any information concerning private lessons, please feel free to contact us at (709) 643-6689.

Public Lessons

Public lessons are offer on Saturdays in eight weeks sets. You can re-register on the fourth class for the up coming set.

Times for the lessons, and the pre-school sessions are half hour each and start at 9 am and continue every half hour till 12 noon.
Red cross sessions start at 10 am ,11 am and 1 pm.
Lessons are on a first come basics, pay at the time of registration.

Water Safety

We offer Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, National Lifeguard and Red Cross Water Safety Instructor.

Hydro Therapy

Aquatic Rehabilitation accommodates anyone who suffers arthritis, joint ailments, hip or knee replacements, lower back problems to an individual recovering from a heart attack or stroke. More intensive sessions may be initially required for stroke victims. This would also involve training partners to assist in the therapy so it can be delivered on a daily basis. Please note that a private screening / orientation is necessary to start this aquatic rehabilitation.

See schedule for availability

For more information call 709-643-6689

For prices and fees, please see the membership page.

Water Fitness

Water Fitness is considered a more advanced component of the aquatic therapy program. It’s a great way to get and stay in shape. Participants have a choice to either do the exercises in the shallow-end or the deep-end of the pool so swimming skills are not a necessity. It is a great program for anyone and is particularly beneficial for individuals who experience minor joint or back pain.

There are many unique properties that make water an ideal place to exercise:

  • Stimulation of the water around the body provides a massaging effect which distracts from the pain.
  • Buoyancy of the water fully supports the joint and helps control swelling.
  • Pool water temperatures are slightly lower than the body temperature which will aid in reducing swelling and be warm enough to keep muscles relaxed.
  • Water provides resistance in both directions therefore opposing muscles groups work more evenly.
  • In chest deep water you weigh only one tenth your normal weight so movement in water is much easier as compared to exercising on land.
  • Water pressure on the body helps return blood to the heart therefore it doesn’t have to work as hard to circulate blood and oxygen.

See schedule for availability

For more information call 709-643-6689

For prices and fees, please see the membership page.